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Foynes Once the centre of the world of aviation,

During the late 1930's &early 1940's and particularly during the last World War, this quiet Limerick town became the focal point for air traffic crossing the North Atlantic between the United States and Europe with the landing and taking off of luxury flying boats, usually Sunderlands.

On the 9th of July 1939, Pan Am’s first commercial passenger flight landed, offering a direct route to the USA. The Boeing B314 could carry 35 passengers and even had a dining room where seven-course meals were served. In 1942, the first non-stop flight to New York was made from Foynes by Charles Blair in a Sikorsky 44, albeit with little fuel to spare. With the outbreak of the Second World War, Foynes was chosen by the United States as a refuelling stop since it had a port, a railway station, and a petroleum company based in the town. All these history-making events are covered in 4 exhibitions displaying graphics, photographs, memorabilia, a complete room full of old aviation radio equipment, weather service equipment, Morse code emitters, etc. The museum offers a unique look into the passengers, technology, cost, and luxury of flying in 1945. An authentic 1940's-style cinema screens "Atlantic Conquest", a 17- minute film compiled from original footage.